Boost Your Earnings With Your Bots

Boost Your Earnings With Your Bots The farm has two purposes: to incentivize KNFT token holders and add liquidity to the KNFT Gatcha NFTs.

The NFT bots to boost your APY can be obtained through our Gatcha system. Rare KNFT bots can dramatically boost your APY..

Disclaimer: Once the staking starts, users can only unstake tokens once the staking is finished. While the staking round lasts, users cannot unstake the KNFT. For more information, check ourfarm FAQ.

Your Farms

    No participating in staking.

Available Farms

  • token


    TVL 30000000 KNFT

    Up To

    × 10

    Bot Avail

    • Average APR


    • Daily KNFT


    • Deposit KNFT